1. Slight Freedom
    Jeff Parker

  2. Simultonality
    Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society

  3. Drum Dance to the Motherland
    Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble

  4. Music For Life Itself & The Interrupters
    Joshua Abrams

  5. Magnetoception
    Joshua Abrams

  6. Represencing
    Joshua Abrams

  7. Natural Information
    Joshua Abrams

  8. Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys
    Jemeel Moondoc

  9. New World Pygmies
    Jemeel Moondoc & William Parker

  10. We Don't
    Jemeel Moondoc & Denis Charles

  11. Captain of the Deep
    Denis Charles

  12. We Are Not At The Opera
    Sunny Murray & Sabir Mateen

  13. Perles Noires volume I
    Sunny Murray

  14. Perles Noires vol II
    Sunny Murray

  15. Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace
    William Parker

  16. Patterns / Message To South Africa
    Noah Howard

  17. Never Too Late But Always Too Early
    Peter Brotzmann, Hamid Drake, William Parker

  18. Blue Winter
    Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, William Parker

  19. Two Days In April
    Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, "Kidd" Jordan, William Parker

  20. The All Star Game
    Marshall Allen, Hamid Drake, Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Alan Silva

  21. From Valley To Valley
    Peter Brotzmann, Roy Campbell, Hamid Drake, William Parker

  22. New World Pygmies II
    Jemeel Moondoc & William Parker with Hamid Drake

  23. Brothers Together
    Hamid Drake & Sabir Mateen

  24. Divine Mad Love
    Sabir Mateen Trio

  25. Getting Away With Murder
    Tom Bruno & Sabir Mateen

  26. Bob's Pink Cadillac
    William Parker

  27. Raincoat in the River
    William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

  28. Live at Fire in the Valley
    Trio Hurricane Glenn Spearman Paul Murphy William Parker

  29. Transmissions
    Alan Silva & Oluyemi Thomas

  30. ConSequences
    Raphe Malik

  31. The Short Form
    Raphe Malik

  32. A Hero's Welcome: Pieces For Rare Occasions
    Alan Silva & William Parker

  33. Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra
    Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra

  34. Spirit House
    Jemeel Moondoc & The Jus Grew Orchestra

  35. Cherry Box
    Marco Eneidi, William Parker, Donald Robinson


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